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Updated: Bene Meat Technologies registers cultured meat for use in pet food

PRAGUE — Bio-technology startup Bene Meat Technologies’ (BMT) cultured meat has been registered with the European Feed Materials Register, allowing the company to produce and sell its cultured meat products to the European pet food industry. According to BMT, this makes it the only entity throughout the globe that can produce and sell its product for pet food formulas.

Full article: Bene Meat Technologies becomes the first to receive EU approval for cultured meat in pet food | Pet Food Processing

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Czech company earns EU registration for cultivated pet food

Czech startup Bene Meat Technologies has obtained a registration certificate from the European Union’s (EU) European Feed Materials Register, enabling the company to produce and sell cultured meat for pet food. The business is now planning to open a new production facility next year to increase its output capacity. Full article: Czech company earns EU registration for cultivated pet food | Petfood Industry

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